Cant upgrade packages

Hello there. Ive been struggling with this problem for some hours trying to use different methods from this forum but nothing seems to help so i write my own post. Excuse my lack of experience if i done something wrong please

Ive booted into my manjaro 1st time since forever and now i cant upgrade the system (neither can i upgrade the kernel) because i run into problems with dependencies such as:

removing kpeople breaks dependency «kpeople», required by kpeoplevcard

Same with kcontacts, kxmlgui, kservice. Ive tried sudo pacman -Syyuu and same with pamac and i also tried some old script which seemed to be made to fix this kind of problem but nothing got me through. Kdeconnect is deleted aswell.
What other options do i have?

Manjaro is a distribution that requires manual work. If cannot keep it up to date or read announcements, you would be better with another os. For systems that are not updated forever, the easiest is reinstall. Otherwise, it can be recovered, but it is a lot of work. If you are really up to the task, all the information is already in the forum and wiki, scattered in different topics and announcements.

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Unfortonately reinstalling is not an option for me and im really fine with manjaro so wouldnt be really happy to switch. But im trying something new right now and it seems to work. Thank you anyways

You can try this:


Welcome to the forum! :wave:

Read Announcements posts. What you mentioned is detailed there and if you had searched the forum before posting, you would have found several topics by those who also didn’t read first :wink:


Ive done some research through the forum but couldnt find a post which helped me. I will be happy to delete my own one after everything is fine

Hint: This was covered last November. It seems you have some catching up to do. :wink:


Indeed, removing those packages and reinstalling them after the upgrade will fix at least some of the issues. Don’t forget to deal with the pacnews!


To be clear, read the SECOND POST of every Announcement thread for Stable Updates, as that is where common problems/issues and their solutions are set out. Post 1 contains the general notes for that Stable update.

If you have neglected updating for a long time, you have to read every single Stable Updates Announcement thread (at least post 1 and 2) for that period of time, then perhaps make keyword searches within each of those threads for the error messages you get.

As for doing research in the forum, I note that even just searching the single word “kpeoplevcard” in the forum in general would have brought up various posts/threads discussing how to sort out the issue. Do a similar thing for every error message you get if the Stable Updates threads don’t help you.

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