Can't update Manjaro due to kpeoplevcard issue

Hi, I’m getting this with the most recent update:

Starting full system upgrade...
warning: kpeoplevcard: local (0.1+r38.32d50a9-1) is newer than extra (0.1-2)
warning: pacman-mirrors: local (4.23.3-2) is newer than core (4.23.2+3+g4148c3d-1)
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: installing kpeople5 (5.111.0-1) breaks dependency 'kpeople' required by kpeoplevcard
:: installing kcontacts5 (5.111.0-1) breaks dependency 'kcontacts' required by kpeoplevcard

Any idea what’s going on? Thanks.

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Temporarily uninstall kpeoplevcard, update your system, and then reinstall it. :point_down:

sudo pacman -Rdd kpeoplevcard && sudo pacman -Syu kpeoplevcard

Thanks very much for that.

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