Can't update megasync AUR package - icu69.1 error

i can’t update my megasync package since yesterday. Everytime i get the following error:

[sudo] password:
:: Synchronize package databases ...
 core 166.0 KiB 1000 KiB / s 00:00 [----------------------------------] 100%
 extra 1980.8 KiB 4.64 MiB / s 00:00 [----------------------------------] 100%
 community 6.6 MiB 5.99 MiB / s 00:01 [----------------------------------] 100%
 multilib 179.5 KiB 6.49 MiB / s 00:00 [----------------------------------] 100%
 DEB_Arch_Extra 3.1 KiB 0.00 B / s 00:00 [----------------------------------] 100%
 DEB_Arch_Extra.sig 181.0 B 0.00 B / s 00:00 [--------------------------------- -] 100%
:: Start full system update ...
Resolve dependencies ...
Warning: Cant resolve "icu> = 69.1" (a dependency on "megasync")
:: The following package cannot be updated due to unresolvable dependencies:

:: Would you like to skip the above package in this update? [y / N] j
Finding Conflicting Packages ...
 There is nothing to do 

I hope anyone can help me with this problem.
Thank you in advance.

Best Regards :slight_smile:

Hi @ziesim,

Have a look here: Megasync failed to install

Quoting @Yochanan from there:

You’ll have to either wait until icu 69 hits the stable branch or switch to the unstable branch before updating Megasync.

Although I doubt it, I hope this helps.

Thank you for the fast answers. So i have to wait for icu69 update.

I did a “sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/”, for now, till megasync was updated. ICU was updated to 69.1-1 and was a dependency of megasync.

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@servimo I found your tipp in arch aur forum. But this command doesnt work for me. I get the following error:

ln: the symbolic link '/usr/lib/' could not be created: the file already exists
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here an alternative in the Spanish section

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i’ve installed the version from the mega homepage. this is the version from the .deb-packages. This gave me the error.

Now i tried the megasync-git and dolphin-megasync-git from aur and now i don’t get errors :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the fast answers


I know you’ve sorted it but I have had several problems in the past trying to update megasync due to missing/out of
Sync depencies. I switched to the megasync-bin from the aur and have never had an issues with that package

I made this link because I don’t wanted to recompile.
As posted somewhere in this thread now it needs version 69 of ICU, at this weekend I will recompile Megasync.