Megasync failed to install

All looked good except Megasync failed to install with message

Warning: cannot resolve “icu>=69.1”, a dependency of “megasync”

Any ideas would be welcome!


Please don’t post about 3rd party / AUR packages in Announcement threads.

You’ll have to either wait until icu 69 hits the stable branch or switch to the unstable branch before updating Megasync.


Thanks for your reply - I didn’t realise that feedback was split that way.

3rd party and AUR packages are not related to a Manjaro update or ISO release. That’s why we have separate forum categories. :wink:

Have you installed megasync-bin from AUR or using their repository?

You need to specify more where does it come

Thanks for your help. From Repository - DEB_Arch_Extra.

Building megasync-bin from AUR does not work for me.
But megasync from AUR works fine.

You downloaded megasync from the official website MEGA Desktop App - MEGA, but it is for Arch Linux only, Or you switch to the unstable branch of Manjaro.

Some updates need megasync to be rebuilded to make it work again. Sometimes Manjaro stable becomes too obsolete for the newest AUR update or AUR package won’t work well with Manjaro. In most cases, installing package from megasync file solves the issue as it works well and is compiled against some not so fresh libraries which suits well for Manjaro.

So basically, I use AUR version but when it won’t build, I use the one from the site and all is well.

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Thank you so much for your wise words!

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