Can't update due to gtk3-classic breaking dependency

fresh install using iso labelled MANJARO_XFCEM_2121 . . .

running pamac update get manjaro gtk3-classic breaks dependency gtk3-classic >= 3.24.1+3+… required by lib32-gtk3-classic

can’t update or install anything

What is the exact filename of the ISO you installed? Sounds like you may have downloaded an older one. If you installed the latest ISO released a few days ago, there would be no updates from the stable branch yet.

Neither gtk3-classic nor lib32-gtk3-classic are in the Manjaro repos and have not been for quite some time. They are only available in the AUR (Arch User Repository)–unless you’re using a third-party repository which is unsupported.

Please copy and paste full error messages, not truncated bits you think are relevant.

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