Can't update. Always fails at imath

So I’m trying to update my system, but it always fails for “imath” from the official repos not being available.

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I guess you mean this one:

Call for an update here:

I can’t find this package either, only Manjaro - Branch Compare shows me, that it should be there.

Check out this topic.
Either you can download and compile the source files yourself from arch or you wait for a fix.

Literally this minute I finished an update where imath was included.

This is the most honest and down to earth answer. Thank you.

sudo pacman -Syyu

What is the result of this command?

//EDIT: I mean give us the complete output to see what you mean when it fails.

I too experienced this problem yesterday but while searching for a solution it somehow disappeared - magic Manjaro I’d say…
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Oh, forgot to mentioned: I found out imath had was somehow related to openexr (dependency).

After waiting a few days and doing another update it worked–now the vidia driver fails lol.