Cant set system wide proxy settings in xfce

I’m new to Linux and I was recommended manjaro by a friend. I’m struggling to set up proxy settings in Xfce?. i don’t know what a PAC script is

It’s a proxy auto configuration file/script
I just learned that by perusing google :wink:
(actually, I didn’t - I already knew)

Sorry I’m mostly new to Arch and Xfce so im not very good with setting things. I use a VPN setup through my phone’s internet to browse the internet.
in Ubuntu gnome and windows all I had to do was type it out into the system proxy setting

Xfce4 does not have a graphical tool to set a system wide proxy.

… the command line way then? :wink:

Could you point me in that direction or any particular commands

The above is all the direction I am able to provide
short of studying and educating myself on a specific topic I do not use or require myself.

Perhaps look at the script that you presumably have
and try to figure out what it does.

How to set a system wide proxy is well documented in the Arch wiki.

Sigh, thanks anyway

People on here don’t want to learn anything for themselves. They just want answers spoon-fed to them.

Fascinating response. It’s a friggin forum. a place where people look for solutions to problems, especially for newbies. If you don’t have anything useful or helpful to say then simply be quiet. It’s this precise behavior that keeps the image of Linux users being total snobs alive. I’m just gonna download the gnome flavor of manjaro and reinstall

And in xfce all you have to do is type it out in network connection settings.


A good decision.
Then your PAC file will work as it used to.
and you’ll not have to read up on how to do the job you know it does
how to set a proxy without having it.

… efficient - in a way :wink:

perhaps ask @zbe what he meant with what he said
if you cannot make heads or tails of what he said …
He will probably elaborate.

… some, even many, surely are
Might not be the case in this case.
I always like to be honest and give the benefit of the doubt and a little more than seems to be obvious, when I can - to at least set a direction.

Exactly what I said. :smiley: I started xfce VM, opened network settings menu (or whatever it’s called in xfce) → edit connection. And there is a Proxy tab. (How/If it works… :man_shrugging:)

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i feel like i failed to clarify. i don’t know how to use a PAC file. I used to use Ubuntu Gnome and there the network manager allows you easily set manual proxy settings without needing a pac file. In Xfce there’s no similar menu. the proxy menu @zbe mentioned is one i don’t know how to use it.

I guess you’ll have to write one.

Random link: How to set up proxy auto config on Ubuntu Desktop

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It is certain that your PAC file is of no use there.
But it allows you to set a proxy.

… you might actually have to gather some information to form an understanding of what it is that you are trying to achieve and how that is done

or choose to choose to use Gnome
and use your PAC file the way you know it does what you want it to do
… efficient. It was no joke.

again I refer you to the Arch wiki


I think he doesn’t have one. It is however what is needed in xfce networkmanager-applet-thingie.

Anyhow, it doesn’t look too hard to write. You just put settings in some javascript code or whatever. :smiley:

Thanks!!! Seems promising. It sucks that ill have to modify it every time I restart my phones mobile hotspot. Going to switch back to manjaro and try it out

ahh - ok - good to know

I have never had to use a proxy - and only used such PAC file once a very (very!) long time ago in a Browser configuration.
not system wide

No worries, I only heard of PAC file 1 hour ago. :smiley: And I don’t use xfce either.

Also another random link (i bet there are more examples around): use PAC file for automatic proxy selection | BIPEDU