Can't see and can't add notification area plug-in

Hi there,

Can you explain why i can’t see and can’t add notification area plug-in (systray )?

After that i lose Telegram, Network Manager and many other usefull icons. This become after update few days ago.


BTW: why i can’t add screenshot/links to screenshot hire? it looks stupid fmpov

The notification area can only be put once overall, so it must be somewhere. Check the items of your panels from the preferencies.

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thank you for reply.
one of my screenshot which was blocked is about Panel Preference :slight_smile:
Oh, looks like i need to write all items by hands :frowning:
Whisker Menu
Window Buttons
System Load Monitor
PulseAudio Plugin
Keyboard Layoiut
Show Descktop

As you cant you there is no Notification Area hire.

there is a plus (+) symbol bottom left - you can add new objects via this
a list will open up with objects to choose from
after you added it you can move it via the up/down arrows on the right

Thank you for replay.
I know how to add items. But In my case Notification Area is not present in this list. is it a bug?

You may be looking for the wrong name?
How about the “Status Tray Plugin”?
Maybe I misunderstood what you where describing, what went missing.

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Maybe there is something wrong in the configuration file : ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-panel.xml

If you actually have a Notification Area configured, it should have line like

<property name="plugin-<numOrder>" type="string" value="systray">

Thank you very much!
I am stupid nub. it is called Status Tray Plugin