Can't post on "Introduce yourself"

Hi, and sorry that this post is by default going to the wrong place. I guess I joined the forum a few weeks ago, but only just got around to a hard instalation of Manjaro, having tested it alongside a few other distros on a VM for a bit.

Anyway, I won’t write a load here - I’m just wondering why I can’t post on the the “Introduce yourself” thread. The add topic button on there is a faded red, so I’m not able to write there. Is there some time limit on that? If so, it’s a shame, as I just wanted to ask a couple of things on there, besides saying hello of course. Or is it just a matter of spending a little time looking around first before I can post there?

Hi, there’s a dedicated topic to introduce yourself:

If every user would create his own thread of introduction, there would be hundreds of threads with 0 answers, many never read, drowned into the crowd. Unreadable, unmanageable.

Hallo. Yes, I know, and that’s what I’m asking about. “Welcome and introduce yourself - 2021” - I wanted to post there, and I’m not able to! If I could, I wouldn’t be writing here :~)

Screenshot (27)

As you can see, not the full red. I’m not here to introduce myself - I’m here to point out an issue.

You can’t add a topic in a topic. You mean the add reply button?
Screenshot from 2021-11-14 16-24-03

You can also use the green Reply button after the latest post.

Screenshot from 2021-11-14 16-25-08


Ah, just do it as a reply on the thread? I got it! Sorry - it wasn’t as obvious to me as I suppose it should have been :~)

Ha, well, that was an auspicious start from me!

I’ll write on there tomorrow. Getting a bit late now.

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