Cant open settings in Budgie

When i click on Settings it doesnt open, i mean nothing happens.
I installed Manjaro Budgie, but im very new to Linux, help please.
Thank you!

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Try installing gnome-control-center package and reboot. If this desn’t work then share journalctl -b -p 3 and run budgie-settings from terminal and share output

Gnome Settings (gnome-control-center) is installed 41.2.1

But there are two other options showed up when i searched:
should i install those other 2?

  1. gnome-control-center-cosmic 41.2.11
  2. gnome-control-center-x11-scaling 41.2.1

Nope not required! See this thread with a similar issue:

i saw that thread before posting, but i dont know what it means, sorry, im very beginner

Just a FYI, as I am also suffering with this problem and the suggestion above, to reinstall the “gnome-control-center” package did not provide any relief.

I found that the workaround in the third post of this thread, however, did provide a temporary workaround: (it appears that I can not link to the post, but it is entitled “Can’t open system settings since last update”)

The second post in that same link suggested that the Budgie devs already had a patch, but if this is the case it has proven to be ineffective … at least in my case. As soon as I click on the “Multitasking” tab, my gnome system settings menu crashes again.

BTW - I have another machine (a ThinkPad laptop) running Solus/Budgie and it is not affected by this problem. Was it vulnerable and and the bug already patched? I don’t know. All I can say is that the menu currently works as expected in Solus/Budgie.

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FWIW - I just performed a fresh Manjaro/Budgie install and in the course of configuring the machine (after a full update) I discovered that this bug (clicking on the “multitasking” tab of the settings app crashes the app and prevents it from running again) is still unresolved. This bug does not affect Solus/Budgie BTW, as I have two other machines running Solus/Budgie, so I doubt that the Budgie devs are looking at the issue … or at least they have more pressing issues to deal with.

Fortunately, running:

gsettings reset org.gnome.ControlCenter last-panel

in a terminal is still an effective workaround to reset the settings app.

Hey! This is my first post on this forum, I wish it would be about something positive, but…

I am on the beginning of my Linux journey, and from time to time I am switching distros to check them out, slowly getting to know more about the system. My first distro was a Manjaro KDE version - I know that maybe it’s not a perfect match for a beginner, but what can I say - I really liked it. After some time I’ve found that Budgie is a perfect flavor for me - tried it in Ubuntu version, but I decided to check it out on Manjaro. I really don’t want to come back to Ubuntu, but I have this problem, which brings us to the topic again.

Unfortunately, running gsettings reset (...) doesn’t work for me. Terminal is telling me that there is no settings schema for org.gnome.ControlCenter. I need to add that after installing I’ve updated the system and did nothing more - I never clicked on any multitasking option. After the install I’ve never seen the settings panel - it was dead from the very beginning.

What is my option here? I have some faith and I want to try - but it seems that the problem is quite old and nobody done anything about it. If so many people can’t run system settings - then this version should be tagged as unstable, I suppose?

Hope that somebody will have a solution for this - but probably mixing Manjaro with Budgie is not possible in my situation, too bad.


Sorry, been away and didn’t see your post. If you have no settings panel, whatsoever, I expect that you’ve already reinstalled, or moved on. Either way, this sounds like an all together different problem.

The one legitimate gripe about Manjaro Budgie is that it is not as well integrated as Solus Budgie, since Manjaro has a series of configuration apps in different places, where as in Solus, the settings are more consolidated.

Anywho, the problem settings panel is the one in “Other” section of the menu that is named “Settings.” This applet works just fine, so long as you don’t click on the “Multitasking” tab. If This applet is missing from your system, then I would suggest that you start with a fresh install and don’t forget to validate your download.

Yeah, I wouldn’t typically recommend KDE for a beginner, but if that’s what blows your skirt up, then go for it. You’ll have the motivation to learn more about it and repair it when things inevitably go wrong.

Hi I know it s kinda late and this is for everyone who has been stuck on this issue
if you run the suggested solution

gsettings resert …
and they get the error no settings schema for org.gnome.ControlCenter

no idea if this is still plaguing people like it has me today, but using the info here I have found that the parameter has changed from org.gnome.ControlCenter to org.gnome.Settings.

Therefor if you follow the instructions with this new info it is now:

$ gsettings list-keys org.gnome.Settings
$ gsettings get org.gnome.Settings last-panel ‘multitasking’
$ gsettings reset org.gnome.Settings last-panel

This then allows the settings to be opened but be careful not to click multitasking again until this is patched for good