Can't delete/modify files in specific disks

Hello everyone,
I’ve got some local disk drives in my system. They work flawlessly when I mount them manually (by clicking and entering password). But when automounted, I’m totally unable to delete or modify them (even with root access).

  • I’ve done everything correct in the fstab file
    -the file systems are Ntfs and exfat
    -the output is something like this

QStandardPaths: runtime directory '/run/user/1000' is not owned by UID 0, but a directory permissions 0700 owned by UID 1000 GID 1000
kf.kio.widgets: Failed to check which JobView API is supported "Not connected to D-Bus server"

Are you sure?
We cant be without seeing it.

cat /etc/fstab
sudo blkid

The forum doesn’t let me put a picture but the first output is like this

/dev/sda4: LABLE="JOHN" UUID="******" BLOCK SIZE=etc..

The second one:

UUID="SAME ID AS ABOVE" /mnt/JOHN/ exfat defaults 0 0

Please copy the output as text here instead, with ``` on both ends

Should look like this

I did, thanks

…but you didnt.

Please show the actual output.

I suppose you can continue to edit out the UUIDs … but please produce the whole file.