Can't change keyboard layout

Hi, what is the purpose of the Manjaro Settings Keyboard application? It doesn’t seem to work on Sway. Does it have an impact on anything?

Is it possible to make this setting work on wayland or sway?

The what now? Do you mean the Keyboard Settings portion of Manjaro Settings Manager?

What doesn’t work?

Please see:

Sorry, my English is bad.
Yes I speak about the Keyboard Settings portion of Manjaro Settings Manager.

When I select my keyboard layout and the variant, I validate, nothing happens. Even after a reboot.
In my case, I want to switch from a US layout to a FR layout.
I have to go in the sway configuration files as far as I can see. Maybe we should add a message in the manjaro tool that it doesn’t work on Wayland

Setting locale has nothing to do with the display server in use.

See Locale - ArchWiki

Could you look into sways config-file, should be /home/USER/.config/sway/config, if you have something with input and xkb_layout in it?
In my case, mostly using swedish and german keyboard it’s

input * {
         xkb_layout "se,de,gb"
         xkb_variant ,nodeadkeys
         xkb_options grp:ctrls_toggle 

Where I have se,de,gb you could have fr.

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Hi @undev,

I’m thinking this will help:

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xorg/xdg keyboard settings have no effect on sway. Sway manages its keyboard settings (and: everything else) via its configuration. This is mentioned in the readme of the sway edition. You’ll also find hints on how to configure it there, but I guess it isn’t that different from what @folky wrote.

Edit: we now consider the xdg settings, if you didn’t configure things sway-style.

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