Can't boot on raspberry Pi 4 model B 8GB


Just try with Manjaro ARM Pi 4 KDE and XFCE.
Nothing is happening. I just have a black screen.
So I can’t even see if there are any errors.
I’m sure my hardware is working as I can boot with Raspberry-Pi-OS-64bit and it works fine.
Does somebody have an idea ?


Blackscreens say more than a thousend words. So would be nice if you could provide some information somehow so that it become less than 100 words. Maybe you can boot a Manjaro install device, open a terminal and enter manjaro-chroot -a. And then post the output of journalctl -b -0?

Thanks :wink:

I can’t give information because screen stays black. I don’t see anything .
I’ve installed Manjaro arm for Pi on a Samsung sdcard 64 Go with Etcher and imager.
My hardware works because i boot with raspberry 64 bit.

What do you mean “boot a Manjaro install device” ?

Sometimes sbc have issue booting anything from these cards.

Try a different brand of sdcard just make sure you can read content fron BOOT_MNJRO And ROOT_MNJRO partitions.

Ok thanks

After many tries i’ve plugged my screen to the other hdmi , now it works.
But i don’t understand why it works on the second hdmi and not the first.

Now an other problem sound is chopy if i try to read youtube video.
Sound is connected with bluetooth speakers.
Works fine with my headphone connected to pin 3.5 Audio

This is a setting in the boot config. @Darksky is the right person to advice on this.

Good to know that it is working for you now.

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Had this problem as well, plugged into the 2nd hdmi an it worked fine, thanks for publishing this

Hi had the same issue. Fully working system and been this way for a few months. Plugged in a different monitor and a few lines of code appeared as usual then nothing. With the help of the info above, tracked it down to a line in config.txt which had hdmi=2 changed it to 1 and now back working using the 1st hdmi port.