Can't access MTP devices with terminal

Hello everyone
I just got a weird problem
When I connect my android phone to the laptop, it won’t show up in /run/user/$USER/gvfs/ as in this link
But weird enough, it shows up in linux mint

First - gvfs - requires gvfs-mtp to be installed - which it is not if you are using KDE.

Second - Android phone requires you to activate file transfer on per–connection base

gvfs-mtp is installed on my manjaro kde
but still no result

I don’t know if gvfs works on KDE - it is a Gnome product - Have you rebooted your system?

Since all device access is going through kernel - if you have had an update of the kernel - and not rebooted - you cannot access the devices.

So try to restart your system.

Yes I restarted bu it still doesn’t show up
How can I fix it?
I need to run commands on a connected phone through terminal

That is a completely different thing

sudo pacman -Syu android-tools android-udev

Are you sure?
I just wanted to run simple commands(which I could in cinammon) like deleting empty folders using find and so on

I may understand the ‘running commands on android using terminal’ way different than you.

Your Android phone’s internal storage is not available just by connecting - the Android system needs the user to verify it is OK to open the internal storage to the connecting computer.

You will need to tap the connection message on your phone - and specifically allow file-transfer. This is the only way to access the phone’s storage.

When you accept to open the phone’s storage - it will - if you are using a GTK system appear in the /run/user/$uid/gvfs/ tree.

Yes you’re right
I just tapped on allow and I can access my files inside dolphin but not with terminal

This suggests you are using KDE - and KDE does not use gvfs - which is an acronym for Gnome Virtual File System.

Standard Ubuntu is using Gnome - and because you are using KDE - Gnome solution is not applicable to your system.

And no - I don’t know how KDE works.

I searched it and you’re right
It doesn’t use gvfs but there isn’t a way I can do a same job as gvfs?

Oh thanks anyway for your help :slight_smile: