Canon Pixma E4270

Hi, so here I am once again…
I have this canon printer connected to my home router,

I have already installed the manjaro-printer settings and cnijfilter2 (driver required by Canon Printers) through manjaro’s package manager.

now my problem lies after printing, it says print job is already completed but there is really no response from the printer. I mean there’s no printout.

what could I be missing here?

Okay, I’ve managed to fix it. I had to do a trial and error of printer installation options.

❯❯ When Selecting a Printer to Add:

:arrow_forward: Choose Canon E4200 Series (Canon E4200 Series) Under Discovered Network Printers.

❯❯ When Selection of Drivers to Add:

:arrow_forward: Choose E4200 series V5.70()

❯❯ Installation is successful when you see the Remaining Ink Details below the added printer.

**mine has the ink bar but no ink percentage because the printer I’m using has modified ink cartridges

Just be sure to enable the printer services mentioned from the wiki:

sudo systemctl enable --now cups.service
sudo systemctl enable --now cups.socket
sudo systemctl enable --now cups.path

@Hanzel @av8r

I saw this post of yours about adding the printer on a table, could you add for me,
This is Canon Pixma 4270, Print via Network, Scan not Tested, Prints immediately, Drivers are manjaro-printer and cnijfilter2 from AUR

I have no account and I might not create one. please :pray: thanks.

Thanks for letting us know!, added the printer with the solution you provided to the wiki.

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