How to add a Scanner?

so I have this Canon E4200 Series, I have manage to add it as a Printer via Network.

But on it’s Settings, All I can see, is a Printer Queue, Maintenance, and Configure Button.
How can I Scan? is there a separate application for scanning? over a network, preferably.


You can use skanlite from repositories.

In addition to skanlite there are a few notable ones;

Scan2pdf - Full featured, with the ability to scan from and back of documents, organize and reorder documents etc.

simple-scan - Simplistic UI but very powerful, fantastic cropping feature, perfect for scanning pictures etc.

masterpdfeditor-free (AUR) - Very powerful document editor with builtin scanning. A windows equivalent would be Adobe Acrobat

basically, it is not printer specific?

I’ll check it out once I’m back home. thanks.


So, Setting up Scanners is easier compared to printers.
Skanlite worked like a Charm.

I’ll check this out later on, Thanks guys.

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