Cannot restart (but can shut down and start up)

Any logs I should provide? I tried to restart using the menu showed after pressing power button if that helps. I was stuck at a black screen but the light on the right side of my laptop was on (so it’s probably not hardware problem) and then I have to force power off by long pressing down power button and power on.

Can you restart the computer with comand on console ?

It may be more helpful for new users to tell them the command


Nope, reboot doesn’t work as well and I have to force power off by long pressing down power button and power on.


shutdown -r now

I forgot to mention that I was stuck at a black screen (but not black color screen, i.e. the screen isn’t on) but the light on the right side of my laptop was on so it’s probably not hardware problem

Nope, didn’t work

That’s bad. It is very seldom that that’s neccessary, as I was told here, myself. Please see the following for that:

In that case, we need logs. Please provide the output of:

journalctl --boot=0 --no-pager

Where the --boot=-1 parameter is the boot the froze happened on, so -1 if it happened the previous boot, -2 if it happened the one before that, -3 for thee one before that, and so on, and so forth. Adjust as necessary.

How should I upload my log? It exceeded word limit and I cannot include links in my reply… You can find it in my github gist with same username

Thanks, I’m new to the forum (just lurking back then and I created this account just today)


I don’t see anything, but I’d hardly consider myself an expert. Do you get any outputs when running the commands mentioned above? If so, please provide them:

shutdown -r now



As well as anything else that might be connected, somehow. Or anything, really.

If by output you mean logs that appear on screen seconds before going dark, then I did see some warnings about watchdog did not stop, otherwise I didn’t recall much since it only stays for a few seconds so I would need help on how to capture the output

Apparently that’s normal. Or at least according to what I could find. What happens when you run this:

qdbus org.kde.ksmserver /KSMServer logout 0 1 1

That’s plasma’s restart command, so theoretically it should work calling it directly from the terminal.

[Tip] Logout of Plasma Session from the Terminal - Desktop Environments - EndeavourOS

Didn’t work (BTW the REISUB thingy didn’t work as well). One thing I’ve noticed is that the Fn lock key still had its light on so I think the problem might be failure to shut down in the reboot process?


I’m all out of ideas.

RESUB/REISUO needs to be enabled first. And yes, the instructions are in the article at the link I provided.