Cannot Build AUR packages

AUR Binaries work ok but sources don’t. Something like “error in Line XX” and like “patch: command not found”? This is a new OS installation.

Do you have the base-devel and git installed? They’re required to build packages from source.

It’s mentioned in the Manjaro wiki and the Arch wiki as well.

Probably a good idea to have a read though the wiki pages before installing AUR packages anyway, because AUR packages come with risks that installing from the official repos do not.

did you try it with some packages known to work?

If you use pamac build x then pamac should handle all dependencies and base-devel, git etc are nothing to worry about.

Other AUR helpers than pamac work if they work/you made them work. Please try pamac if you used something else.

install the base-devel group

sudo pacman -Syu base-devel --needed


pamac build <pkgname>

I just did a install of Manjaro for the first time in a long time and was surprised to find what should be in a Arch based distro not installed.

According to what?

The AUR is an unsupported, unofficial, user-generated collection of build scripts (made for Arch).

Why should something like ‘base-devel’ be installed by default?


Solved with installation of base-devel. Tho this is actually a bug from Manjaro side. This package was always there or as a required update after Aur activation. Please fix it for new people.

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