Cannot access files on ext-4 usb drive

I gave my f-in-l a Khadas media streamer in 2020 together with an ext-4 usb drive with home videos. He is visiting and I wanted to add some more videos. The drive shows up in my Dolphin file manager but no files, i.e. the usb drive appears to be empty (which it isn’t). Gparted shows no errors.

ls -ld /run/media/tpb/nevs-videos
drwxr--r-- 8 1000 autologin 4096 Apr 13  2020 /run/media/tpb/nevs-videos

Can anyone help on how I access the contents without affecting permissions when he re-connects to his Khadas box?

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This is a tricky question - in short you cannot - you will somehow affect the khadas box - to what effect is unknown

On your system


Without execute permissions one cannot read the content of a folder.

The user 1000 is not assigned on your system but a group named autologin exist.

One possible solution is to ensure you have a user with UID 1000 - which should make it possible to read the stick.

grep -e '1000' /etc/passwd

It may be as simple as changing the toplevel permissions from 744 to 755

sudo chmod 755 /run/media/tph/nevs-videos

Thanks, aarhus, that worked!

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