Can you downgrade an installation to the .iso media

Hey, during a chroot session, is there a way to downgrade any updated packages from the iso media (rather than wiping an the hard drive and copying all the files all over again (done this 2x already)).

I am experiencing a frozen gdm/gnome session, upon reboot after doing the 1st update pacman -Syu from the Jan 23, 2022 gnome iso.


Rolling release distro so not possible. Culprit is dash-to-dock extension and it was fixed yesterday only. Update your system once again:

Thanks, I just was working on fixing a borked system (messed up switching to propritory nvidia drivers), so it was a surprise that updating a fresh system also had an issue.

Use Timeshift to rollback the system to previous state when you break it (I configure it to never take automatic snapshots, and manually create one before a big update or when I want to).

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