Can you add 301 redirects for old forum content?

Atm all the Google search results for the old forum end up in 404. If the content is still available, it would be a good idea to add 301 redirects, so users dont have to re-create questions etc.


I came here through this one for example:

Pointing to: › solved-lightdm-fails-to-start


+1 ! 301 or 302. The 404 is obviously not only a problem for all basic users, but also a SEO disaster.
The bookmarklet patch is just nonsense, as some may feel it’s a solution. It is not !


I wonder if it wouldn’t be better if the url of the old forum would have stayed and the new forum would have become something like

Could you give an example of a good 301 redirect that only redirects the search results that should point to the old forum and not the ones for the new forum?

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That would also give a lot of confusion. probably worse than it is now.

I guess pretty much the only thing you could do (on http server level at least) is to redirect all 404’s (which could probably also be an issue in case it is “a real 404” where there is no content at the old one either) and then I would put a message/alert/notification on the archived one that there is a new forum…

Another option could be to place some custom javascript on the “Oops, does not exist page” here which would check if the corresponding… exists and if so, would redirect to that page then. Not sure how how easy that would be to implement within discourse though.


I would imagine just a link to the archived URL, if it exists, would be sufficient. An addendum to the error page as follows:

If you believe this post existed on the old forum, click here to be redirected.
To understand why we had rebooted the forum, view this topic.

…Or something to that effect. Not sure if Discourse could allow automatic redirection but based upon your suggestion, all that JS should do is grab the URL from the address bar, make it an anchor and append after the protocol suffix (https://) archived.