Can’t boot after using “ sudo pacman -Syu”


I tried upgrading the Manjaro OS, it looked like it didnt really do anything when i ran the command
“ sudo pacman -Syu”
i rebooted and that resulted in the error you can see in the attached image.
I tried running pacman commands i found on this forum, but not a single command works
just the cd, ls, mount commands…
Anyone know how to fix this??
I’m not very familiar with Manjaro, i just started using it like 2 months ago

The error:

i couldn’t embed any media on this forum, so i uploaded it on an image sharing site, i also got the error i couldn’t include any links, thats why i put the spaces between it.

Thankyou all in advance

4 TL;DR - his link

Do you have another kernel to boot into to try? You should always have 2 kernels installed.

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Basically you need to reinstall the kernel.
Either boot with another kernel or if not available chroot into your installation and then reinstall 5.10: