Update broke system

Running KDE, having an Nvidia GPU. After the latest update, I only see this:

Manjaro warning: /lib/modules/5.10.2-2-MANJARO/modules.devname not found – ignoring mount: /new_root: unknown filesystem type ‘ext4’. You are now being dropped into an emergency shell. ssh: can’t access tty: job control turned off

Sorry for formatting, due obvious reasons I’m on mobile.

Is there anyway to rescue my system? I had TimeShift installed, but cannot run anything. Newbie question.

Yes, there are numerous threads here with this issue.

If you have another kernel installed, boot with that one and reinstall 5.10:
Press and hold ESC during startup to bring up the GRUB menu, advanced options, then choose another kernel to boot with.
If there is none you’d need to chroot into your installation from a manjaro usb stick and then reinstall the kernel.

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Thank You, it worked - running 5.10.2-2 now. I highly appreciate Your help.

However, my GPU is not being recognised as supposed with Bumblebee (only the integrated card). Or is severely underperforming in the least. Is there no better driver at the moment? What do You recommend, what should I look for?

I think that I was using video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-455xx-prime, not sure since it’s gone. Now I have the video-hybrid-intil-nvidia-390xx-bumblebee. (GPU is GeForce GTX 1060, some commands, like “lspci | grep VGA” recognise it, but in System Information from the menu, I cannot see it.)

I think you can switch the driver with mhwd / manjaro settings manager, hardware configuration.
video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime should give you the 455 one.

If it’s not showing up, try reinstalling mhwd-db package.

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Thank You for answering in the other thread.

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