Can not login anymore

I have been running Manjaro Cinnamon for months now, couldn’t be happier!
Suddenly earlier this week when I get to the login and put in the right password the screen goes black, blinks and sends me right back to the login.
If I put int he wrong password it says so, this only happens when I use the correct password.

How do I solve this?

What happens if you switch to TTY, log in, then start the graphical session with startx?

Thanks for a quick answer! The [How to]… I do not have any error messages or anything.
Stooppid med for askin before trying the obvious. I will go back and try this and get back.

Hello @macmattias,

without any more information its difficult to help, but there is also HowTo for black screens:

Perhaps it helps you a bit further. :wink:

Well I dont have more info than I gave. :slight_smile:

Once you accessed your system with the above tutorial, you can get your system information as described there: [HowTo] Provide System Information
If needed, you can use an online pastebin service to upload them: [HowTo] use public command-line pastebin services without installing anything!