Can not boot windows after installing Manjaro KDE

I just installer Manjaro KDE to a disc partition other than the windows one. Installing seemed fine, however when I restart the computer and spam F12, I can nit find the option to boot Windows again.
I checked the partitions in Manjaro terminal and there still is a “Basic data partition” which has 459 GB (Whole SSD has 500 GB) and a “Microsoft reserved partition” (has 16,8 MB).
What can I do to be able to boot windows again?

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Dual boot with windows:

The most common reason is the mode in which the OS are installed.

There is two modes

  • EFI mode
  • MBR mode

Those modes are mutually exclusive - a mbr system cannot display an efi loader and vice versa.

You will have to reinstall Manjaro using the same mode as Windows