Can not boot into windows 10 after reinstalling manjaro

hey, i can’t find windows 10 boot menu entry in manjaro grub
i think i formated the 100mb EFI partition while reinstalling how to get back the win10 bootloader entry in grub

thanks for helping

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:!
If you accidentally lost you EFI system partition of Windows 10, it can be restored.
This guide has helped me well in the past:
(Scroll down and use Method 2, the site kind of adverties for its tool of course.)
It only requires a Windows 10 installation media, other than that it should work fine.

Note that since you probably already have a working EFI system partition (even if it is the one from manjaro), you don’t need to create an additional one, so you can skip the diskpart section and go to the bcdboot section immediately.

If you have trouble detecting on which drive letter your Win10 install is, simply run any drive letter in the command line as a command (e.g. C:) and the run dir to list the contents of the partition, if it contains the usual stuff like “Windows”, “Program Files”, ect… it’s probably you Win10 install. After that, run X: again and run

bcdboot <the drive letter of your Wind10 install>\windows

Perform this at your own risk and be careful with diskpart! I am not responsible for any damage done!

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Thanks will give it a try

done, thanks

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