Can I use Tint2 with KDE Plasma?

Alright, after some disappointment with Openbox and a brief stint with Mabox, I’m back, this time having made the decision to adapt (best I can) to KDE Plasma. However, as much as I tried, I can’t stand the KDE panel at the bottom of my screen.

So the question is simple: can I get rid of said panel, and add Tint2 to KDE?

Thank you all in advance. :grinning:

I guess you haven’t tried very hard then, because judging by the screenshots of what tint2 looks like, you can make the Plasma panel look exactly the same.

Yes, of course.

In theory, yes, but tint2 is a gtk widget and Plasma is qt-based, so I don’t know how well that would work. You’d probably have to create a .desktop file for it and add it to the “Autostart” section.

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I mean, after reading your post yesterday, I took a closer look, but I couldn’t get it quite as I had on tint2. I’d love to keep it if I can.

This is what I had before in Fedora:

Ok, “I can’t embed media items” Is there a way for me to show you what I have and want?

Now, these are my problems with it:

  1. It takes the whole screen width, and doesn’t allow anything to be put in there. I need the real estate for conky.
  2. I don’t need to see the launcher when I’m working. I can have a second panel on the side for that.
  3. I don’t need the date. I have the calendar in conky. I also, for the same reasons, don’t need the time. I just need the placeholder.
  4. It interrupts the wallpaper, and, to be honest, it looks butt ugly and it’s (at least for me) quite difficult to see. I have tried using the opacity option, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Can I fix that on the panel?

Thanks, BTW, for the reply. :grinning:

upload your picture on imgur and share link within backticks (example

right click on it and enter edit mode there you can remove and add widgets and resize its width from arrows at the very end.

application launcher itself is a widget so you can remove it

change panel height

and kde is the most customizable de out there so spend some time with it. one of the setups you may like which i found on reddit

You can resize the panel’s width, and even have it flexible, so that it expands when more items are added to the task manager. You can also adjust the panel’s thickness.

Here’s a screenshot of my desktop, and note that both the panel at the top and the one at the bottom are stock Plasma panels ─ there’s no Latte dock or anything like that.

You can set the panel to auto-hide.

The clock is only a removable widget, and you can choose different types of clocks, with or without the date showing. You can even customize the format of the time and date.

Try choosing a different Plasma theme ─ note: this is not the same thing as an application theme or a global theme. The Plasma theme I use is called Opal, and it is fully transparent ─ you need to have the translucency and blur effects on.

Evidently ─ see above. :wink:

@Aragorn i have a similar setup but how can i make it so that the title bar (not the panel) is hidden when current window is maximized?

I’m obviously not Aragon, But I suspect you can look into System settingsWorkspaceWindow ManagementWindow Rules.

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I’m not sure anymore how I did it, but I seem to remember that it was one of the settings in the plasma5-applets-window-buttons widget ─ it’s in the repositories, as well as that it’s also available from the AUR.

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Okk, now I’m starting to get pissed off. I opened an imgur account, and followed ishaambhimwal’s instructions, AND NOW IT TELLS ME I CAN’T POST LINKS!!!
What the hell can I post? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Put backticks around the links, like so.

Ok, it didn’t. Let’s try again.


<a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>

Doesn’t work.

I’ve seen it, but what is your point?

My point is I want to show you guys what I have and what I want, and I can’t show you.

Your link is there. Anyone can copy it and paste it in their browser. That’s what I did.

My question is: what is the point of the screenshot?

Can you tell me which one, so I don’t post a ton of garbage for the other screenshot?

This one. :arrow_down:


Oh, sorry. That’s what I currently have. I’ll post a link of what I had with tint2, so you can compare.

That would be this one then. :arrow_down:


There! Can I get that?