Can I use the Manjaro Logo?

I’d like to have some hats made with the Manjaro logo on them (to wear at work), specifically a set of S/M, black, FlexFit hats. I’m pretty sure I’ll need some kind of written permission from Manjaro to use the logo, and, even if I don’t, I’d like to have it before I look for someone who can make the hats. I tried sending an email to the address in the about us section on the Manjaro website about a month ago, but I haven’t gotten a response, so I figured I would ask if anyone here knows what I should do. Email? Twitter? Forum admin? Anything?



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have a look here :point_down:


Thanks! I’ll ask around in that thread.

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Its also worth pointing out the existing merch:

(though it is one of those ‘cafepress’ type things :woman_shrugging:)

If it’s not exclusively trademarked, then i guess you can.

It’s trademarked

Yes, it’s trademarked, which is why I got the “you need written permission to use this logo” message back from the place I was going to have embroider the hats.

I had it tattooed on my forehead but didn’t ask permission, as I see it as free advertising. However, if you are using it for commercial purposes, check with the team. All the best!

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Where are the proofs of said tattoo? haha

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Only my wife can see it :slight_smile:

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is it trademark ? if its not, you can use it

The company I use for embroidery says it is, and that I can’t use it without express permission from somebody at Manjaro, which I’ve so not been able to get (outside of the trademark EULA, which ishaanbhimwal posted above).