Can I stay on Gnome 41?

I really like Manjaro, and I really hate GNOME 42(and maybe so on).
Is there a way I can stay with GNOME 41 Manjaro? I mean I want to upgrade other packages, but keep GNOME things where they are.

Welcome to Manjaro.

Staying on Gnome 41 would result in partial updates and is not supported.
In theory you could build all related Gnome 41 packages yourself (it would require increasing effort as time moves on), but then: why choose a rolling release distro if you do not want to roll?

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You can’t.

The only way is to disable the update-nagger and use the system as is.

That is what fixed release cycles does.

I dumped Gnome Desktop years ago - been creating my own combinations ever since and I have very, very rarely issues with package syncs.

With manjaro you should always stay up to date

(stay on the run race) :rofl:

I removed manjaro gdm theme and related stuffs.
Now it looks much better. :grinning:
thanks for the replies.

@aoe I just tried to remove those. It’s an epic fail.
It’s ugly without these.
It’s like the purpose of Gnome devs in life is to make ugly things that make you gag.
I reverted back because GDM was looking dull (like a car with a bare metal body), and the colors on my second screen were completely messed up (so much so that I thought the change activated night light, but it was off).
When you see how bad Red Hat and Gnome devs are at designing and theming, that’s when you kneel down in front of Manjaro or Ubuntu devs. Both have most things right, no wonder they are tenfold more popular than Fedora.