Can I customize touchpad to apply three and even four finger slides?

hey guys, I was wondering if I can customize my touchpad on my laptop to add three or four finger functionality, for ex. on windows when I slide three fingers on side I can instantly change tabs, or if i slide three fingers vertically I can either minimize or maximize window.

the problem is that when I got to touchpad settings there are not any settings which indicate that I can set my desirable action, so I was wondering if there is some advanced settings i can check out or if there is an external app which customizes it…
Thanks in advance.

You can under wayland session and KDE Plasma 5.25 available on unstable branch.

Other than that you can try GitHub - NayamAmarshe/ToucheggKDE: TouchEgg configuration for MacOS and Windows like Touchpad Multi-Touch Gestures on KDE Plasma.

touchegg is also available in the official repositories, but might want to check the difference and configuration with the one above…

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thanks :heart: