Can anyone else confirm if modules from already uninstalled kernels are leftover?

Can anyone else look in the path


And confirm if modules from already uninstalled kernel are still there? It’s one of those situations where I do not know if it is a bug or a feature.

These are all installed on my system:

[demo@manjaro lib]$ cd modules
[demo@manjaro modules]$ ls
5.18.19-3-MANJARO      5.19.14-1-MANJARO  5.19.16-4-MANJARO  extramodules-5.19-MANJARO     extramodules-6.0-MANJARO
5.19.0-3-rt10-MANJARO  5.19.15-1-MANJARO  6.0.2-3-MANJARO    extramodules-5.19-rt-MANJARO

Only modules from the installed kernel ‘6.0.2-3-MANJARO’ and ‘extramodules-6.0-MANJARO’ are present. Nothing else.

Really? I’d wager 5.19.14-1-MANJARO and 5.19.15-1-MANJARO are not as they were superseeded by 5.19.16-4-MANJARO.

I had kernels modules from 5.15 to 6.x, including each minor update between. I removed 5.16, 5.17, 5.18, and 5.19. Didn’t touch 5.15 nor 6.x because I really don’t know if keeping all series of modules updates from a current kernel is something intended as such.

After looking a little closer you are correct.
Can I just delete those folders?

Sure, you can delete those which do not correspond to an installed kernel.

What modules are residing in those leftover folders? Some dkms ones?

Yep looks like it

type or paste code here
```[demo@manjaro modules]$ cd 5.19.14-1-MANJARO/
[demo@manjaro 5.19.14-1-MANJARO]$ ls
[demo@manjaro 5.19.14-1-MANJARO]$ cd updates
[demo@manjaro updates]$ ls

Nope, I don’t use DKMS. I found in 5.15.1-1-MANJARO similar content to 5.15.6-2-MANJARO. The same goes to 6.0.2-3-MANJARO and 6.0.0-1-MANJARO. Size is also similar.

Edit: it seems it can sometimes happen (arch forum ).

I found out linux-modules-cleanup.service wasn’t enabled as instructed in this reddit thread.

If you use kernel-modules-hook , you also need to enable its systemd linux-modules-cleanup.service , otherwise there is nothing that can remove the modules.

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