Can any one guide me how to install kde plasma 5.25?

sorry i new in linux can any one guide me how to install kde plasma 5.25?

Hi @zeyad, and welcome!

There are 2 options basically:

  1. Switch to the unstable branch for it. More info here:
  1. Wait until it reaches stable and is rolled out to everyone else.


P.S.: No offense meant here, but this :point_down:

Makes me think you shouldn’t be attempting this, seeing as this is a bit more advanced.


thx for help

I would think long and hard about moving to unstable being new to linux. Take into consideration your tolerance for bugs and your ability to fix issues. Then balance that against any benefits you may get.

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u are so late i did this actually :joy:


I wish you luck, just curious what important functionality did you gain for changing all parts of your OS to unstable software?

Just FYI: it’s stable software as far as it’s own developers (upstream) are concerned. The branch name only considers manjaro as a distribution (and it’s own software/packages which might need rebuilds after updatream updates).

But if it is not in Testing or Stable channels, it is because it is deemed unstable by Manjaro team.

User has been warned, now he’s on Unstable channel, good luck if you have issues, you’re almost on your own now. Go back to Stable branch when it releases.

If everything works so far, chances are somewhat good it will keep working, I guess.

And if @zeyad switches back to stable right away, everything should keep the way it is (i.e. keeping those newer packages) and only update once newer versions keeps trickling down into stable, shouldn’t it?
Althoug I guess that could create new issues, potentially, if some packages expect different versions from what is installed.

That being said, there are a couple of interesting new functions in Plasma 5.25 (e.g. better gestures, accent colors). It’s a bit of a pity Manjaro team decided to keep stable and testing at 5.24 so long this time.

Good job - how many snapshots, and how many backups, did you have ready before you went ahead and switched branches?

You do know what to do when you try to reboot and can’t log in to your desktop, right?

There’s a possibility for that to happen even on stable. Did happen to me in the past.

So yeah, keep backups and in the worst case, be prepared to reinstall…

Not so good if you don’t have a fixed background TBH.
I gave 5.25 a whirl - set wallpapers to change every 30 minutes, and the accent was terrible around 50% of the time… and it it’s not good at dynamic picking, you might as well set a desktop, then set your accent colour manually.

Over hyped IMO.

Make sure all your important stuff is backed up. But I think that shouldn’t be an issue, when you just installed stable and then unstable. Whether you learn something through this experience or you switch back to stable :slight_smile: good luck!

May I ask if the difference from kde 5.24 to 5.25 is that big?

Take your pick I guess?

My request wasnt for a list of features that may or may not work from third parties. My request is what the original poster gained in exchange replacing stable packages with unstable ones. Specifically what functionality.

i was replying to the message right above me from @fabio. But it likely is a feature or possibly multiple features from the list I recon.

Thank you, although I just see a list of bugfix releases.
From what I understood 5.25 is more an update to coloring an tinting accents. Nothing that I need quickly. But maybe I missed something other than that. This was the reason I asked.

For laptop users there were some gesture improvements, maybe thats it. I do have a couple of laptops from the last decade but I don’t really use them much so I don’t pay much attention to this kind of improvements.

First one should be a link to the 5.25 new features page, others are indeed to bugfixes. But to some those might be more relevant than the new features themselves.

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The gestures are indeed most intriguing to me, as I’m using a laptop with KDE Plasma quite often and I have been waiting for something like that.
I’m just at the moment not willing to switch to unstable. Not yet.

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Ok, then no must have for me either. I have a Thinkpad X220 from 2011 on which I tested manjaro first, before I installed it to my PC. But on this laptop I even have the touchpad disabled from BIOS and use only the trackpoint :slight_smile:

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