Can any one guide me how to install kde plasma 5.25?

Yeah, I remember those things, used to play some shooters with those.

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Since I want a somewhat stable system on my PC I wouldn’t switch. I used Ubuntu until some weeks ago. So I did have to wait at least two years, when I wanted an LTS, what I did.

On my laptop I could switch to unstable. But then there is the risk I see something I want to have on my desktop too :slight_smile:

The difference in time between Manjaro unstable and stable is 3 to 4 weeks since its a rolling release. Thats a lot better than Ubuntu that is a release based distro where new packages may take 6 months because they are in the next release.


Yes, usually that’s the case. Apparently not this time for Plasma 5.25, where the Manjaro team has decided not to release it to testing/stable until the next major Manjaro release, which will happen I don’t know when.

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In the minds of some laptop users it’s huge.
I jumped to unstable and looked at the various theme (panels) and colour (dynamic tint) features and found them pretty underwhelming.

I also had some trouble getting back to stable, and ended up doing a fresh install/restore after it got messed up.

As I tend to use MOUSE gestures (bored with how the word ‘gestures’ on it’s own now applies to laptops and mouse users tend to be forgotten) even when on a laptop… it’s a YMMV thing.


We pushed Plasma 5.25.4 and other KDE Software to our testing branch by now …


No it is not “unstable”. Manjaro called it “unstable” but it comes from Arch STABLE repos. And no, you are not alone. You can look at the arch board or maybe aks in endeavouros boards. So I allready use 5.25 and it works perfect for me. Btw I switches the Distro to eos at one of my three machines, cause I don’t want to wait sooooo long. Too long for me.

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Did I write KDE 5.25 is unstable (also these are just labels, for “organization” but the unstable branch can be stable and there can be unstable application on the stable branch, these are just labels)? I wrote

quite the difference. see the linked threads where philm explains it, not every Manjaro team member gave it a green light so it stays in unstable branch (actually 5.25.4 is in testing branch now, it will come soon to stable branch)

again you modify the meaning of what I say, I said “you’re almost on your own” because if a noob switch to unstable branch, he’s supposed to be able to troubleshoot his installation by himself if something breaks, which is possible on the unstable branch.

this is usually frowned upon, you don’t go to another distribution forum to get help for yours.

I think that stable branch should be stable and Plasma only is when achieves the last release of bugfixes. So, I would wish very much if admins only changes Plasma after the last bugfixes (x.y.5).

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