Call for testers, Jade desktop

I have been working on a fresh new DE implementing some of my ideas, there is no release date.


Looking great !!! :+1:

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here we are again…lol


welcome back. :smiley:

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thanks a lot ! also waiting for your JADE spin which i have been using as VM on and off (to be available as install alongside other DE i just love to play around with colors [though i have a long journey to be among the maestros :slight_smile:]

Yes you can install in any DE, however you need to add desktop icons to your dock/panel and disable background icons.

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will do it alongside kde & i3 on my home desktop :+1:

I am in too.

Good to have this thread to follow up on Jade progress.

Ill download the latest image and try it on my spare tab.



any clue to download a package (or group with deps) so a jade.desktop file is created in /usr/share/xsessions and we test drive happily alongside other WM/DE ?
this laptop is loaded with [awesome, bspwm, dwm(own spin with dwm baremetal download from suckless… configured within my home dir which i linked to a created (dot)desktop file in /use/share/xsessions to show in sddm), gnome, herbstluftwm, i3, openbox, sway, wayfire, weston]. i was wondering if i can install as a package to test drive JADE

Stand alone you need to build it from the ground up, you can check files on gitlab on desktop settings webdad/jade, we can only have desktop settings for one DE at the moment.

Installing in another DE needs to be executed manually on start-up.

that i got to know ! this laptop first started with openbox, then gnome, then kde[after removing gnome] and back to gnome [after removing kde] further went on to install xfce too not to mention other community spin wms with their respective settings.
i used to just keep back up of skel/.config before installing.

on similar lines i was looking of finding package jade-desktop [aka gnome / plasma / xfce] with manjaro-jade-settings thatgets into skel/.config and /etc/xdg/jade for respective files…

will get a spin on vm this weekend :slight_smile:

You could just download the image above if you just want to try it in VM.

planned for this weekend :+1:

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hello @codesardine
i am on the testing mood in virt-manager. can you tell how much RAM is required ? i had allocated 1.5G and for second time the installer gets stuck at file 14017. it just fails to proceed ahead. perhaps my screenshot will show.
someday i will be testing on clean install but i felt as i had tested the 17 version [stable-alpha] i will test on vm as the title says unstable-alpha for ver-20

4gb would be ideal, have not tested with 2gb.

will test drive on my desktop with 8gbmem ! earlier i was playing with version 17 alpha in vm and i was awed ! [perhaps i remember having posted a shot in the screenshots {in previous archived forum} ! looking forward for test driving on perhaps an external drive clean install ! lets see ! to be honest i love to explore :slight_smile:

Not sure were you got 17 alpha as that was deleted from source forge, new version is on odsn and is completely different.

i have downloaded this from osdn.prev one i downloaded perhaps soon after you uploaded or in a few days maybe ! as i said i love to explore ! will be test driving this soon and update you !

past 3 days i am trying to install on vm [using virt-manager, where i test drive a lot]
after many tirals, i notice the installer is stuck at 95% [i have alloted 2g RAM to vm] installing 75 packages is what it shows, even now its stuck as i type this message for past 70 minutes. am i missing something ?

attaching a shot

after hours of waiting. i cancel the operation, resort to archiect install option [thought i will find jade] and finally ended up installing enlightenment ! i was anyways looking to test drive latest enlightenment [after my last tryst with e16 or e17 i think].
any option to build from terminal ? the default jade ?