Buildiso cant fetch packages from

In “manjaro-tools.conf”

is not working
I changed it to
and uncommented it to make build iso work

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It’s a known issue:

So what are we supposed to use and when will it be changed in buildiso?

The build mirror for buildiso just pulls packages for the iso from one of the repository mirrors. I have mine changed to a fast local mirror, it speeds up the build by getting packages faster.

copy the folder /etc/manjaro-tools to your ~/.config folder

Then edit the build_mirror variable - example using the danish mirror

# custom build mirror server
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Is this what is going to be used in the future?
I already have a solution as stated in the first post.

The default is likely to be changed to reflect the take-down of

It has always been the intention to allow/require the enduser to adapt the build_mirror to suit local conditions.

I don’t know which mirror will become a default - a guess - it could be pointing to the CDN77 network at

Build iso translates ‘
to$repo/$arch’ which currently produces a 404


if you look at the content of the url - it is stated the following url is to be set for the mirrorlist

This is the Manjaro Repository powered by

add the following to your /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

Server =$repo/$arch

Note: replace BRANCH with your branch you want to use

Possible options: stable, testing, unstable, arm-stable, arm-testing, arm-unstable

As buildiso already contains the branch info - then the above will be how you set in your tools configuration

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