[Bug Report] Forum reply on User Answers doesn’t work

If I want to reply on an User answer it reply’s on the thread.

I don’t really understand the problem on a language level.
If you press reply in a post, the answer intentionally goes on the end of the thread. If there are other replies between your reply and the post you reply to, the post you replied to is linked on the top right corner of your post and is indicated with the profile picture of the user that you reply to - and is also marked as a reply in the post you replied to.
If there is no reply in between, no linking takes place.
if you click on the green reply button at the end of the thread, the post is not linkable to any reply and stands on its own in the thread.

What in this process does not work like expected for you?


This? A few things about the new forum - #38 by omano

EDIT (adding the relevant parts as people talk about the 20 character thing which is not the problem here):

EDIT: I direct replied to you too :wink: so yeah if you direct reply to last message it doesn’t show the arrow, not same behavior as before for sure, it was ALWAYS having the arrow before.

Ho OK, but yeah if you direct reply to me with the reply button in my post, you directly reply to me, with the arrow and name while you write your message but when you post it, if your reply is direct after my post, then it doesn’t show the arrow and name in your post on the forum, but if you edit it again you see it was a direct reply to my post. It will only show arrow and name on your post (not when editing it) IF there is another post between your reply and the message you were replying to.
Now if you click the reply button at bottom of forum page, it only reply to the thread.

links work always, but display icon only if messages not suited

EXCEPT !!! as here, this message is not linked to first subject message :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, that I mean and another it only work if it is 20 characters longer so

To be clearer with an example, here you direct replied to me, but someone else replied before you, so now we see the arrow with link to the post you were replying to.
Here I direct reply to you too and if nobody replies before me there will be no arrow, it wasn’t like that before but it is like this now, it makes discussions less clear to me but OK the team has to decide how they configure the new forum it’s up to them.

I have to disagree, the old forum’s behaviour was exactly the same in that regard.

Hm, so I had always write less than 20 characters and never know that :joy:

No it wasn’t, someone else tried to convince me I was wrong for another thing (the Edits history…) and it ended up with me being right from beginning so I will disagree too, example:

click the link arrow in post, reply to previous message. I win. :smiley:

there was this exact same discussion on the old forum, but I can’t find it because the search in discourse is not really great …

The behaviour like detailed here is the expected behaviour that was also present on the old forum:

Let me explain my problem: If I reply on a User answer I don’t see this on the right corner:

if my answer is less than 20 characters

I tried to test that but got that:

No, if it is less than 20 characters you simply can’t post.

I edited my post above because you missed the relevant part.

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the official discourse documentation also says everything is working as expected:

To reply to a specific post in a topic, clicking the grey Reply button at the end of each post and your reply is linked to that post.

If your reply is the next one published after the post you are replying to, this will appear next in chronological order
If yours is NOT next, then two things happen after your post is published:
    Your post will include a new link in its header with an image to show what this is ‘in reply to’ - clicking this link displays that previous post for context next to your reply
    The original post includes a count of replies at the bottom - clicking this link displays the content of the replies

Edit: Seeing that you are german, I will rephrase the expected behaviour in german:
Die Posts werden nur dann verlinkt, wenn ein anderer Post dazwischen steht.
Wenn du im Post auf “Reply” klickst, und es steht mindestens ein Post dazwischen, erscheint der Pfeil und das Profilbild des Users, auf den du antwortest in deinem Post, und der beantwortete Post erhält auch einen Hinweis auf die Antwort.
Wenn kein Post dazwischen steht, passiert das nicht. Dann sieht es aus als wäre es ein normaler Post, der über den generischen Reply- Knopf unten im Thread erstellt wurde.
Das war auch im alten Forum schon so.

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OK, but maybe because before it wasn’t using the same forum version or because before it was configured differently (as you can verify and can’t deny in the archived link I posted earlier).

For sure, before, as you can see by yourself in the archived forum, the direct replies to last message, without anyone posting in between, had the arrow in post. Now it doesn’t.

can you give a link to that?

and to strengthen my point: If you check the edit history on the discourse - documentation, that part regarding the reply to feature has not changed since September 2018 and it is also not mentioned that it could be configured to behave otherwise.

EDIT: another one [Stable Update] 2020-07-19 - Kernels, KDE, LibreOffice, Mesa, Cinnamon, Deepin, Pamac, Browsers - Stable Updates - Manjaro Linux Forum

and another one [Stable Update] 2020-07-19 - Kernels, KDE, LibreOffice, Mesa, Cinnamon, Deepin, Pamac, Browsers - Stable Updates - Manjaro Linux Forum

one last more [Stable Update] 2020-07-19 - Kernels, KDE, LibreOffice, Mesa, Cinnamon, Deepin, Pamac, Browsers - Stable Updates - Manjaro Linux Forum

I see a theme there:

The second link that you edited in has the linking of replies because there is more then one reply to that post.
The first one might have had the same, but the other reply got deleted.

Testing that theory now by posting a reply to post 4 in this topic here, that had no arrow added because you replied without another post in between. If my theory is right, it should then contain the arrow with 2 replies to that post.

edit: the third and fourth link you edited in would be the same like link 2

test, now an arrow with 2 replies there?

edit: theory proven, now the post has the arrow, behaviour is the same like on the old forum.

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