Bug in compiz and vlc

hello guys.
vlc has issue with compiz. when moving mouse in vlc while being full screen, it shows xfce’s bottom panel. this happens only when compiz is the window manager. vlc doesnt have any issue with xfce’s default window manager.

Its interesting that this problem has been around for a loooong time. i search google and found topics about this that dates back to 2012

how can I solve this?

Compiz is AUR package and is not supported by Manjaro.

so what should I do now ? :cry:

You can’t do much, except try to rebuild it … try different versions available in AUR (honestly don’t know the differences between them), try the git one, fill a bug report and wait till they fix it, or drop it completely

Hey guys, compiz has been in the manjaro repos for a long time under the name compiz-easy-patch up until a few days ago. You can go show your support and we can try to get it back in the repos if enough people are using it! Just go to this link and let them know you are using compiz and would like to see it continue! Thanks!

Here is the poll:

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