Btrfs snapshot issue with timeshift-autosnap-manjaro


I made a small update of my system, i had updates for inxi, openrazer (from AUR) and system-monitoring-center (also from AUR).

I do not understand how timeshift-autosnap-manjaro managed it but it took me 3 different snapshot, look

Could anybody explain me why 3 different snapshots are needed and now, how to deal with those ?
I do not know what’s inside one or another of the three.


You can check diff between two snapshots/subvolumes

 sudo btrfs send --no-data -p {snapshot1} {snapshot2} | sudo btrfs receive --dump | grep 'update_extent\|unlink\|chmod\|chown' | cut -c 17- | cut -d ' ' -f 1 | sort | uniq 

You have to set timeshift-path of snapshot in {snapshot}

It can tell you why.

Thanks for your help but I just do NOT want to do that, i use a Timeshift, which is a GUI app. It’s a non-sense to have to play with command line afterwards.
There is probably something wrong with timeshift-autosnap-manjaro.

Does anybody use something else that does not take 3 snapshots instead of one ?


I do not use timeshift.

Did you install snap-pac?
I guess that would be the conflict between snap-pac and timeshift-autosnap

You should choose one: snapper or timeshift, not both

Why moderated would i have snap-pac installed ?
I have an out of the box Manjaro btrfs installation

Because you installed btrfs-assistant in the screenshot, it needs the dependence snapper, I thought you would install snap-pac for this.

moderated i do not have it installed

You either want help or not.

My guess is that the three AUR packages are installed sequentially which might produce three snapshots. :person_shrugging:

I understand, it’s quite logical but not really relevant to me as i installed those packages in the same update. Then, i cannot differentiate them :frowning:

I understand your issue. However, I think this has to be changed by the pamac developers to install all packages in one go. (Or at least the AUR packages together.)

To confirm my theory, you should run the helpful command from the post above Btrfs snapshot issue with timeshift-autosnap-manjaro - #2 by Zesko to verify what changed from snapshot to snapshot.

On that matter, it’s hard to implement this correctly. AUR packages are often compiled and therefore the current installed libs are used but after a reboot, the new repo packages are used in combination with the AUR builds with the old packages. It’s not trivial to solve.

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The snap is created by a pacman hook which runs when you install or update one or more packages.

When you run multiple actions consequitive there will be multiple calls to trigger the snapshot.

This is unavoidable - if you dislike this - you will have to remove the autosnap feature.

btrfs-assistant is a custom package

One of the reasons to ensure a fully synced system on testing or unstable when using custom packages.