Browser window get bigger [chromium]

I’ve used manjaro before, there was no issue like this… it happen first time…
when I open my brave browser… its normal

but if I minimize & open again from taskbar… the browser window get bigger

how to solve this?

I also have the same issue after latest update from AUR. You can right click on the titlte bar and click on "use system title bars and buttons ", which is a temporary workaround. It’s actually a bug in chromium 95.
Bug report: 1260821 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail


See, this is why client-side window decorations are evil. :wink:

I have gtk3-nocsd installed from the AUR, and both Firefox and Chromium are set to use the system title bars and borders. :wink:


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I just reported your post for being too… A-C-C-U-R-A-T-E. :love_you_gesture: :guitar:

I used to do the same thing (when gtk3-nocsd used to be on the official repositories), but then it breaks other applications like Pamac’s GUI.

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finally the problem has solved :slightly_smiling_face:
the problem was chromium version 95
I just installed an old version of brave(30) from github repo & now there is no issue

How is that a solution? :flushed:

Such a downgrade is definitely not the solution!

what can I do now brother?
I didn’t find any other solution…
downgrade as a temporary solution not an bad idea I think…
I hope, chroimum will fix on next update

Need to set to native/gtk them and/or titlebars … as noted in related threads and bug reports.
(too lazy to find and link now)
Which should look better anyways … but regardless of aesthetic preference is certainly better than running an out of date browser, or even worse, that scam calling itself ‘brave’.

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