Brother MFC-J6510DW printer won't connect to printer even with CUPS installed

@theshadow6967 that is your problem… Before you can add the printer, the print server in the printer must be accessible.

You need to fix that issue first.

@ Nachlese
It works for brother printers. It’s been a while since I have done it that way but it works for ‘brother printers’.

it only matters where the files that are inside the .deb file are put (it’s just an archive) - and what additional configuration steps are necessary to make it work
That should all be taken care of/defined in the PKGBUILD file from AUR.
… it should …

@ theshadow6967

Not knowing your system maybe cups needs updating?

Check out the link to the ‘stable’ topic too.

the only protocols disabled are IPv6 and LLTD
APIPA is enabled, could it be that? the Apipa?

I already tried a factory reset, and all that changed was the IP address

That is beyond the scope of this forum… You have to get you printer up and running and accessible from the address you are trying to add a printer for. Then your OS can add and configure the printer to the system.

I suggest to try Brother Forums.

I’m going to use a PC with windows, and install the drivers for the printer, maybe, just maybe it a software issue with the printer and its access protocol, otherwise I’m going to reboot KDE

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