Broken image of my desktop after logging in

I’m running 21.2.1 (XFCE). Whenever I log in, Manjaro shows a sort of broken snapshot of my desktop as it looked like when I last logged out.

So, say if I had Mousepad open with a text file before I logged out, it shows an image of that.

By “broken” I mean that there are random pixelations. Then my default desktop shows up normally after a few seconds… I do not know why this is happening but this leads to some security issues.

I wonder why this is happening and hope someone could share a fix so that my bare default desktop just shows up.

Can you post a image of the broken desktop ?

Remove ~/.cache/sessions and run xfdesktop --replace reboot

If the issue still persists provide basic Information:

Edited the original post. See image there.

Do you mean I should delete the contents of the ~/.cache/sessions folder or the entire sessions folder itself?

You can delete the whole folder. It will regenerate after next boot.

Can you start the Manjaro USB stick and see what desktop is displayed ?