Brightness resets to 0 after every reboot

Then i forgive you :blush:

Guys I have really no idea what just happened but a few days ago I updated my graphic card drivers through hardware configuration
So since I’m using optimus-switch-amd-ssdm I needed to reinstall it after updating drivers
And now my system is doing ok
My OEM logo is showed during boot time and also my brightness issue is gone
BTW, acpi_backlight is set to native in my grub file

But i never install optimus-switch-amd-sddm! Its a fresh installed manjaro system without any other repo installs! Then i have another issue? As i use native, then my brightness control doesn’t working anymore and i have a error when do a reboot.
And i have never had your oem logo problem. I can see it always.

What’s the error when you reboot?
And also can you post your specs?