Brightness control

Is there a GUI program/widgets that will allow me to control the screen brightness of the external monitor?

See if this thread can help you… :arrow_down:


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Tnx but neither of them works, I use Kde+wayland and one HDMI external monitor that I used to change the brightness with emoacht/Monitorian easily in windows.

Well, the fact that you’re using Wayland is important information. You could try iris-flower-wayland and/or wob, both from the AUR. :arrow_down:

pamac build iris-flower-wayland
pamac build wob
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If your monitor have i2c interface you can use vdu_controls :wink:

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install digitaltrails/vdu_controls but it show error message: No controllable monitors found, exiting. Run vdu_controls --debug in a console and check for additional messages. Check the requirements for the ddcutil command.

you can install brightness-controller-git from aur. github

…or not. Upstream URL hasn’t existed for about a year or more.