Is there a tool or widget to change the backlight/brightness of a desktop monitor?

Using XFCE. Im looking for easy GUI to avoid stressing my eyes.

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I don’t know whether the following will work for a desktop monitor ─ there is no information on that in the package manager ─ but you can try brightnessctl. :arrow_down:

pamac install brightnessctl

… or… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -S brightnessctl

It’s not a widget but a command-line tool, as part of the systemd toolkit. I don’t know whether that is what you’re looking for, but it’s worth a try. :man_shrugging:

There’s also xfce4-power-manager-xbacklight from the AUR, but that’s a source-code-only package, which means it will have to be compiled into binaries on your local system. :arrow_down:

pamac build xfce4-power-manager-xbacklight

The compilation process is automated, but depending on your hardware and the size of the package, this could take quite a bit of time. If your machine is not recent and does not possess gobs of RAM, then be sure to let the process finish, no matter how long it takes, and do not reset or power down your computer during the build, even if the machine appears frozen ─ appearances can be deceiving in that regard.

thanks, I’ve tried a few days ago but it makes no changes at all. I’ve tried the commands at the bottom >brightnessctl(1) — Arch manual pages

You might try brightness-controller-git in the AUR (Arch User Repository):

I use Clight GUI (in the AUR as clight-gui-git) myself. It requires a DDC compliant monitor and webcam for determining ambient light.


Thanks, this is it. A GUI for clight, it even has warm mode like in Windows 10 :wink:

Good day.

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