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I’d like to address the original question.

An overview of all published Brave browser versions can be found at This page is meant for human consumption.

For each channel/platfrom/architecture combination, there are individual endpoints returning the current internal and public version. Those are meant to be used in automation.

For instance returns the current public release channel version for linux x64 and returns the latest public nightly channel version for linux arm64.

More information can be found on the overview page.

Hope this helps and please feel free to ask questions here, or on the Brave support forums.

PS. One thing that may not be obvious is the distinction between internal and public releases. Internal releases are only made available via GitHub and are meant primarily for testing, rather than distribution to end users. Anyone (re)packaging the browser should stick to public releases, unless the package is specifically meant for less stable releases.

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brave-browser 1.56.14-1 and brave-browser-beta 1.57.2-1 are currently available from Manjaro extra repository -

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Thanks @nikgnomic. I was able to edit my post to include actual links. I also updated the urls, since there’s now a more friendly domain that can be used to retrieve the information.

@nikgnomic the version for the release channel (1.56.14) is indeed the latest, but looks like beta is a month behind at 1.57.2 - the latest public beta on linux x64 is 1.57.33 (per What would be the best way to get that sorted out?

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Thank you @wknapik . Honestly not know this and appreciate your help now will use this link for grab the versions :slight_smile: