Brave Browser update to 1.17.75-1 (AUR) wants to download tons of GiB - 15 million receiving objects - what is going on?

Edit: Sorry, wrong forum.

Just started the update and when I checked back it had already downloaded over 1 GiB which was only 4% of the whole download. What is going on here?

You download all the files to compile.

You probably want the brave-bin from the aur in stead of the Brave package

May you elaborate on that? I’m pretty new to Linux. Sorry!

Not much to elaborate on.
brave you need to build yourself brave-bin is already compiled.
So your result is expected … if you want to install brave for some reason, but want to avoid the beefy compilation … use the brave-bin package instead.


Oh, ok. I’m using Brave (not -bin) for months now. Strange that I didn’t notice this with previous updates. Always updated via Pamac UI and never noticed it took long.

I think you where using the brave package from the main repo.
But the brave package just got removed along with pamac-tray-appindicator, which is a shame, but I don’t know why.

Now pamac lists my brave 1.16.67-1 package as belonging to the AUR and out of date because the AUR version is newer.

@KesLE6 is correct - brave was in the repos (and as such was pre-compiled like all other repo packages) … but it was recently dropped … hence your choices being in AUR, and the sudden difference.

What is the reason for it being dropped ?

I applaud it for all things brave - their constant abuse of users trust, constant bugginess and bad decisions, lying about it, and their entire business model being tracking you … etc.

As far as the distro decision and such … practicality probably is what won out because quite simply its extra work that isnt required … there are AUR versions available … and if we are going to ‘adopt’ a package in the repos … it should be kept up to date, and in the case of brave despite them providing up to date binaries - our packagers were simply not uploading the new versions reliably (as no one uses it)…
so it just makes sense to be dropped.


I’m not a big fan of brave either, but I need a chromium based browser for specfic tasks and I think brave still better than chromium itself. But you’re right; atleast the AUR version is more up to date.

I would suggest ungoogled-chromium
…but its latest binary has a problem with latest re2 so its unsuable without some handiwork at the moment (or compiling for a few hours yourself :wink:) .

Sadly it takes way to long to compile on my machine (18h).
And I’m really not comfortable using the binaries.
“IMPORTANT: These binaries are provided by anyone who are willing to build and submit them. Because these binaries are not necessarily reproducible, authenticity cannot be guaranteed. For your consideration, each download page lists the GitHub user that submitted those binaries.”

Yeah … binaries are provided at both 3rd party repos (like chaotic aur) … or if you go directly to source they provide links to some for different distros.
It takes quite a while to compile I agree …
But if theres any extra work browser in the repos … that would be my choice.
Who knows … maybe it will happen. :shushing_face:

Would be great :smiley:

Aside from its own source Brave download other source like the whole Chromium git repository, about 18GB, for every build (last time I tried it).

I have seen in the last days that ungoogled-chromium have been added to Flathub

I see. So if I understand correctly, when I just want to use Brave without any fuss, I should go for brave-bin, right?

Edit: Uninstalled brave via Pamac, rebooted, installed brave-bin, rebooted. Working.

Thanks a lot!

Yes, I got it now. Pretty new to Linux and didn’t know what building/compiling really meant, so I was confused about the size. :see_no_evil:

If you think Brave is better than Chromium then Vivaldi is better than Brave to begin with :wink:





Vivaldi is technically proprietary and I don’t need it’s extra features anyways.
For example I almost never use more than 2-3 tabs.
Brave just has some more extensive settings than chromium that I actually use, like the fingerprint randomization.
I mainly use Firefox+ghacks_userjs anyways :slight_smile: .