Borg Mount Fails

So I’m trying to view some older versions of a few files (I just want to examine the filenames) and the docs said to use borg mount if I wasn’t sure where to look. First time doing this, so I try to mount the oldest archive in a new directory and it throws me the following error:

[jpbaiocchi@bruiser ~]$ borg mount /mnt/backup/backup::Sunday /mnt/borg
borg mount not available: loading FUSE support failed [ImportError: No module named 'llfuse']
[jpbaiocchi@bruiser ~]$

Install python-llfuse, its a dependancy of borg for mounting

Okay, but now it says that my directory needs to be writable. Do I need to use sudo?

[jpbaiocchi@bruiser ~]$ borg mount /mnt/backup/backup::Sunday /mnt/borg
/mnt/borg: Mountpoint must be a writable directory
[jpbaiocchi@bruiser ~]$

sudo chown username:username /mnt/borg

*change username by yours

That did the trick. I have access now. Thank you!

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