Boot Splash Screen in KDE Plasma 6

Cross-posting this from my post in the KDE discussion threads as this looks to be a Manjaro specific issue, you can find that one here and my bug report for it in the KDE bug tracker here!

For a summary: Running Plasma 6.0.4, and I saw the new Boot Splash Screen menu. Went to edit it, and it seems all of the images are missing, so I can’t preview any of them! (See the photo below)

Doesn’t seem to be a new issue either, it was discussed in this forum back in October by ling who also made a bug report. Bit stuck from here though, anyone have ideas on how to fix it?

They have never been there - at least I never saw them - so they cannot be missing.

You should know that this kcm applet is simply listing the available Plymouth themes by name.

The kcm applet acts as a frontend for plymouth-set-default-theme which has no option for preview.

 $ plymouth-set-default-theme --help
Plymouth theme chooser
usage: plymouth-set-default-theme { --list | --reset [ --rebuild-initrd ] | <theme-name> [ --rebuild-initrd ] | --rebuild-initrd | --help }

  -h, --help             Show this help message
  -l, --list             Show available themes
  -r. --reset            Reset to default theme
  -R, --rebuild-initrd   Rebuild initrd (necessary after changing theme)
  <theme-name>           Name of new theme to use (see --list for available themes)

Previewing a theme is possible but only manually using a TTY as described at Plymouth - ArchWiki

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