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Hi community,
I’ve only installed Manjaro in my computer and already installed 2 versions of kernel 5.11 and 5.12, after install 5.12 the system always boot over 5.12 and not allow me select which I want boot to compare certains values, any way to force boot for an specific version?

you can pick it from the grub menu but you may not be seeing that if the default is set to “quiet”. there’s a key to hold when booting to see the menu, but i do not know what it is as i have mine set to show me the menu permanently.


If this option is unset or set to ‘menu’, then GRUB will display the menu and then wait for the timeout set by ‘GRUB_TIMEOUT’ to expire before booting the default entry. Pressing a key interrupts the timeout.

If this option is set to ‘countdown’ or ‘hidden’, then, before displaying the menu, GRUB will wait for the timeout set by ‘GRUB_TIMEOUT’ to expire. If ESC is pressed during that time, it will display the menu and wait for input. If a hotkey associated with a menu entry is pressed, it will boot the associated menu entry immediately. If the timeout expires before either of these happens, it will boot the default entry. In the ‘countdown’ case, it will show a one-line indication of the remaining time.

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press Esc on boot
and check in Advanced for version kernel choice


be very careful with version 5.12 ( this is a rc )

Thanks, let me try using ESC key, and yes I know that 5.12 still as rc :wink:

[Update #1] Already tried and yes ESC key works.
Now I’m unavailable to boot under 5.11 :slight_smile: I guess keep using 5.12 until final release, so far for my daily driver works as expected.

[Update #2] Just removed 511 and install again solve the issue and booted now by 511.

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