BOINC Half added project

This is additional fallout from

Was forced to add projects with TUI. Got almost all of my projects added. Cosmology only “half added” due to some kind of network/server error communicating with the server. Cosmology does not show up in either TUI or the GUI as a project actively being serviced by my installation. If I try to add Cosmology I receive an error that the project has already been added. All of the deletion methods I can find rely on one being able to select the project from the project list. While there is an “Add from URL” in the TUI there is no “Remove by URL.”

Where does BOINC hide this in your installation? I assume nobody is going to update the TUI to provide “Remove by URL” which would be ideal. That means I will have to hand edit a file somewhere. I just need to know the file.

The latest update allowed me to “see” it in the GUI as “added by URL”. That finally allowed me to delete it.